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Skilled, transitional care requires treating the entire person for complete recovery. For every day spent idle in bed, one week of rehabilitation is required, which includes proper nutrition, medication and nursing care.

The rehabilitation team consists of Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists and Speech-Language Pathologists. The goal is to return each patient to an optimal level of functionality in a home-like environment and restore quality of life.

  • Physical Therapy to improve balance, strength and mobility
  • Occupational Therapy to improve everyday living skills: bathing, dressing and eating
  • Speech-Language Pathology to improve communication, memory, swallowing, problem-solving and reasoning skills

The rehabilitation process is one of collaboration between therapists, patients, doctors and family. Rehabilitation is emotional recovery as well as physical recovery.

The Rehabilitation Process

Our conservative, yet aggressive methodology for rehabilitation yields better results for patients with less recuperation time. Goals and objectives are managed and measured daily. Family members have access to such data and may participate in and observe therapy.

Innovation is key for optimal rehabilitation. Our staff is regularly trained in progressive methodologies in kinesiology, biology, anatomy, music therapy and pain management. Accord has invested in treatment technology to capture care best practices and measure and document outcomes. We use a variety of treatment methods to best meet the needs of our patients, including neuromuscular re-education and stimulation and music therapy. Accord was the first facility in the state of Ohio certified in the Music and Memory program.

Areas of Expertise


Accord’s Orthopedic Program focuses treatment on the whole person. When you get a knee replaced, the surgeon focuses on that knee to ensure it is properly placed and healing well with controlled discomfort. We pay attention to those factors as well, but we are focused on patients’ functionality: improved walking, driving, taking stairs and bathing, to name a few. Interacting with loved ones is also an important function to return to an active lifestyle.


Accord’s Cardiac Program excels at getting patients stronger and faster. Endurance is a key to improving cardiac health, and that is our main goal. We monitor the patient’s oxygen concentration to ensure the patient is conserving his/her energy properly, while still pushing to get a little better every day. Measuring success is key to keeping us on path toward the patient’s goals.

Chronic Neurological

Neurological issues are challenging. Whether a stroke or a chronic progressive disease, Accord’s Therapy Department will guide and support you through the steps necessary to regain your old self. We offer Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy to ensure the injury to your nervous system has minimal impact on the way you live. Our success rate for strokes and central nervous system issues is unparalleled. We are always pleased when a patient returns for a visit after a few short months to show us how well he is walking on his/her own.

Nursing Services

Sometimes seemingly small issues become big issues. A scratch on the leg could turn into cellulitis or a blood infection, requiring hospitalization. Every day spent lying in a hospital bed may require a week of rehabilitation. Our Therapy Department works with you to improve your strength, function, and mobility. Accord will ensure that a minor issue will not become an obstacle to living the life you have enjoyed. With the expertise and guidance of Accord’s Rehab Department, your strength and endurance will return and you can be the person you once were.

Accord Care Community Orrville is proud to announce the opening of our new….

Reflections Memory Care Neighborhood!

What Is Reflections Memory Care Neighborhood?

Reflections Memory Care Neighborhood is a specialized care unit for people living with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Reflections Memory Care will a feature safe and secure environment where staff can closely monitor the health of the residents. You will also find programs, activities, and events that are designed to help memory care residents work on their cognitive abilities, while also getting to enjoy passions and hobbies. Staff typically are specially trained to provide the quality care needed for seniors with memory loss.

Features of Our Reflections Memory Care Neighborhood

Just because someone you love is experiencing memory loss, it does not mean that they should have to sacrifice their quality of life. Our residents spend their days surrounded by people who encourage them to enjoy life, experience feelings of belonging and purpose, and keep their current skills through our daily path of engagement. 

Here are just a few of the ways we help the seniors in our memory care programs make the most of this season of their lives: 

A Warm and Welcoming Atmosphere

Reflections Memory Care has that feel and function like home with personal bathrooms and plenty of natural light. This helps our residents feel more comfortable and at ease when they move to our neighborhood. You will also find an easy-to-navigate floor plan, areas where seniors can take part in everyday activities, and walls painted in cheerful, soothing colors.

A Secure Setting

To help keep residents safe, our neighborhood keeps exterior doors secured 24 hours a day, and we also have a wander guard system in place so we can easily monitor if a resident tries to exit the unit without supervision from a staff member to ensure their safety. We also have an enclosed courtyard so residents can explore the outdoors with supervision from a staff member while still being in the neighborhood.

Quality Services

Your loved one deserves to experience a full life in a place where they are well taken care of. We supply services to help do just that. Our staff handles chores such as cooking, laundry, and housekeeping, while supplying support throughout the day, whether it is during meals, taking medication, bathing, and more.  

Person-Centered Care

Because we are all unique, we believe in supplying quality care that caters to each individual resident. Sometimes that means using a different approach for one person than we would for another. It is all with the goal of getting to know each resident for who they are and incorporating their individual needs and interests into their care plan.

Enriching Activities

As a resident, your loved one will have a full social calendar that changes regularly. Our residents stay engaged with a gentle daily structure of planned activities to help them support their abilities and encourage the use of their current skills. Brain games, dancing, art classes, and music programs are just a few of the ways our residents enjoy their days.

Highly Trained Care Team
We do not just hire good people; we invest in quality training and education. Typically, our staff receives initial and ongoing training to help them keep up to date on the latest dementia care techniques.  

Life at Reflections Memory Care Neighborhood

Many people have misconceptions about what life is like at a memory care neighborhood. They think it might be a sad or lonely environment. But many of the residents who live in our memory care neighborhood have a full and rich life. In addition to having access to quality care, they get to spend their days surrounded by kind and compassionate care team members, a neighborhood of interesting residents and fun-filled activities that help them continue to live with purpose and meaning.

Making the Right Decision Is Not Always Easy.

You only want what is best for your loved one. But sometimes keeping them at home is not always the best choice. Not everyone has the time and resources to be a round-the-clock caregiver for a family member living with Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Just because your family member needs more help than you can give does not mean you do not love them enough. It just means you need help and that is OK.

Studies show that seniors living in memory care communities often experience a higher quality of life than when they live at home, so you may find that this decision is better for them and for you.

To reserve one of our limited and highly sought-after rooms in our Reflections Memory Care Neighborhood, please contact our Admissions and Marketing Director; Emily Skodny at 330-988-0291.

Follow this link for more information from the Alzheimer Association

Our Skilled Services Include;

Our skilled nursing communities offer a variety of care types, including:

  • Short-term care- multi-day or multi-week care for individuals recovering from injury or illness and transitioning into home care or an extended care community.
  • Long-term care- extended care for those who need daily assistance with eating, bathing, dressing, and getting around. These needs can arise as a result of compound disabilities, memory impairment and/or chronic illness.
  • Respite care-  short term relief for primary caregivers. Helps provide a few hours for caregivers to take a break and enjoy some personal time.

IV Therapy

  • Hydration Therapy
  • Antibiotic Therapy
  • Wound Management
  • Pressure Ulcers
  • Skin Infections
  • Post operative Care

Tracheotomy Care

Cardiac Care

Nutritional Therapy

Enteral Nutrition

Specialized Diets Diabetic Management

Respiratory Care

Ancillary Services




Dental Care

Ophthalmology / Optometry

X-Ray and Laboratory Services


Other Services Available

  • Dementia/Alzheimer Care
  • Respite Care

Our Staff

Accord’s therapy team are employees, ensuring continuity and consistency throughout the rehabilitation process. Therapists connect with patients in social and emotional ways to address all patient needs. Our therapists are hand-selected for their particular background, years of experience and their ability to work in a collaborative environment.

“I know mom will get the care she needs here.” – Tammy

Accord’s staff is regularly trained in progressive methodologies in kinesiology, biology, anatomy, music therapy and pain management.

Our rehabilitation team has been hand-selected based on their experience over many years and various environments. The rehabilitation team is designed to do it right and to win with winning players.

“I found them to be terrific; professional and caring.” – Janice

Our staff connects with residents in the realms of social, emotional and physical therapies. Our staff is committed to residents’ achievements because of their ‘calling’ to this profession.