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Michael Kamionka

“I know it has been a long process but if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have made it back home”

Judy Evans

“Therapy was awesome! When I have my knee replaced I will be back!”

Dale Williams

“Thank you for pushing me to get stronger so I could get home”

Deborah Guster

“I loved Therapy and I would do it all over again!”

Don D.’s Story

When Don’s wife chose Accord Care Community for a five-day rehab after knee surgery, Don saw firsthand how great the care was. So when he needed rehabilitation after a procedure to repair the vertebrae in his neck that were causing paralysis, he knew exactly where to find quality care close to home.

With the help of physical, occupational and speech therapies—along with Don’s own courage and determination—Don achieved his goal of independence. He was even able to go bass fishing with his son again.

Not only did the team at Accord Care Community provide exceptional care during his physical recovery, they also helped him through the mental side of rehabilitation too. Shortly before his procedure, Don’s wife passed away, and the team was there for him in every way imaginable. Don now calls the team at Accord his “adopted family.”

Janice’s Story

When Janice first came to Accord Care Community after a shoulder replacement, one of the things she was most pleased about was that she had a private room. By the end of her two-month rehabilitation, it was the people that made the deepest impression on her. She says that she formed a real connection with the team, and she could tell that they truly cared about her and her recovery.

Don G.’s Story

Don has had both knees replaced three times, and has chosen Accord Care Community for multiple rehabilitation stays. One of the reasons he continues to choose Accord is the fact that we have innovative equipment that other facilities do not.

Don’s daughter, Jeanette, is a healthcare professional and especially appreciated that the Accord staff was very communicative throughout the entire process. She says that the team kept her informed, answered all of her questions and was always easily accessible.